Scientiae Legis Excellentia Competition

The aim of the Scientiae Legis Excellentia competition is to popularize interest in the main assignments carried out by the Centrum It is also related to the generalization of the certification mark „Scientiae Legis Excellentia”, which purpose is to promote authority and excellence in legal writings.

The competition is carried out under the auspices of:
National Bank of Poland and the Honorary patron of the President of the NBP
Editorial partner - Publishing house C.H. Beck

The main aim of this competition is to select the best works and to award them in two categories: doctoral and master’s thesis. The work must be obtained in one of the faculties of law, faculties of economical science or management at all universities in Poland. Furthermore the work should be connected with the subject of economic law, in particular with company law, capital market law, bank law, insolvent law and the law of economic agreements. The author should also use economical analysis of law and empirical research while writing his work.

The official announcement of this competition will take place in a new quarterly entitled HUK, which will be initiated by the Publishing house C. H. Beck.

Read more about the competition (in Polish only)