C-law is committed to the improvement of commercial law legislation, the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit, and the uniform vitality of sound corporate governance throughout Europe. With the latter goals in mind, the maxim of “Scientiae Legis Excellentia,” passion for legal science, guides C-law and its members.

C-law recognizes that it is difficult to achieve perfection in any endeavor or practice, and this reality holds true in the field and/or study of the law. However, while perfection in the area of law may be difficult to attain, it is not impossible to achieve. In turn, C-law plans—and expects—to achieve perfection in its enrichment and understanding of commercial/corporate law.

C-law plans to reach this perfect enrichment and understanding of the law through a constant and systematic study of the law. C-law also guarantees that all books, articles and other publications that bear the C-law logo are of the highest standard with respect to intellectual quality and presentation.