Centrum C-Law.org will help designing future corporate governance agenda of the European Union

Centrum C-Law.org on top of an international expert consortium will help designing future EU corporate governance agenda.

Starting with 2011 Centrum C-Law.org will assume its advisory role to the European Parliament in the field of European company law and corporate governance. This follows Centrum's appointment earlier this year to provide external expertise for Parliament's ongoing and future legislative actions as well as key policy decisions. From a short-list of accredited expert consortia Centrum C-Law.org has now been selected to conduct a new study "Identifying what initiatives and instruments at EU level could enhance certainty in the field of corporate governance" (IP/C/JURI/FWC/2009-064/LOT2/C5/SC1)?. The award marks a new development, as it is for the first time in the field, a Central and East European research institution be appointed to conduct such a landmark study with EU-level policy implications.


For more information please contact Centrum's Press Room at c-law@c-law.org

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