Centrum C-Law.org has won prestigious tender of the European Parliament.

An international consortium led by the Krakow-based Centrum C-Law.org  has won the prestigious tender of the European Parliament for expert assistance and advice in the field of European company law.

The European Parliament, whose prerogatives in matters of EU legislation have increased with the Lisbon Treaty, in mid-March announced results of the tender for the preparation of expert reports on its draft legislation. The selected expert organizations will participate in the creation and provide opinions on law adopted in Brussels. One of the winning unit is the Polish Centrum C-Law.org, that acted as a leader of an international consortium of research entities that will assist EP in the creation of the legislation relating to company law.

The success of the tender is beneficial not only for the Centrum C-law.org, but also for Poland. First of all, attention should be drawn to the fact that the Polish expert organization, by launching a partnership with the European Parliament, presented both the ability of coordinating cross-border cooperation and the strength and quality of the Polish science. This results in the growth of the Poland’s prestige of on the EU arena, which begins to be perceived as an advanced country with a high scientific potential.

Important is the fact that experts from the Centrum C-Law.org will have a significant impact on the development of EU legislation. One has to bear in mind that the legislation with real impact is not created at the political level, but rather among experts, what results from the increasing complexity of the legislation.

Inclusion of Polish legal thought in this process, in combination with innovative methods used in studies at the Centrum C-Law.org (such as economic analysis of law, regulatory impact assessment) give hope for a satisfactory development of EU legislation that will include the Polish point of view.

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