Allerhand Institute

Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) joins the coalition of institutions seeking to create “Allerhand Institute” – the center of advanced legal studies, to provide ideas for the reform of the system of law and economic development of legal and institutional infrastructure of the financial market. The Institute has also the goal to strengthen Polish voice in the international debate on key legislation in the EU. Coalition of parties supporting the Allerhand’s Institute includes Centrum, Polish Bar Association, the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Publishing House CH Beck, the leading law firms and many leading Polish lawyers. The formula is open for the further institutions and environments.

Proclamation  of the Institute was held on 26 June 2009 at the headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchage (WSE). The occasion was a double anniversary: anniversary of the Commercial Code of 1934 and the Patron’s  birthday, Professor Maurice Allerhand.

Participants of the ceremony agreed that the concern for sustainable, long-term economic growth requires the advanced economic and comparative studies on the role of legal institutions in the market . This includes a large extent and impact assessment studies in strategic judicial decisions. Warsaw as a regional financial center, needs to forge ideas, systematical thinking and strategic planning. Along with reducing the economic distance between Poland and Western Europe, ends a time of copying foreign-based solutions. We must invest in building concepts and a more scientific approach to the implementation and transplantation of the law.

The Institute has also commemorate Professor Maurycy Allerhand - an outstanding scientist, codifier and lawyer, author of the most valued and frequently republished comment of the Commercial Code. Participants emphasized that the creation of the Institute has fundamental importance in strengthening the identity of the profession and science of law in Poland.

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