European Private Company 2008

Centrum is involved in the academic debate on regulatory issues surrounding the forthcoming enactment of a Statute on European Private Company (EPC). Centrum has already before endorsed European Commission’s efforts to go ahead with the proposal (cf. The Position of “Expert Group 10+” of 31 of March 2006) . Since Commissioner McCreevy’s speech before the European Parliament on 3 of October 2007 at the latest it has been known to the broader public that the Commission is committed to continue its work on the EPC Statute. On 10 March 2008 a high level international expert symposium was held in Brussels to discuss the emerging regulatory challenges associated with a the introduction of genuinely European legal form for small SMEs. Centrum was represented by Dr MirosÅ‚aw Cejmer who was the only Polish member on the expert panel. Dr Cejmer’s presentation might be viewed here.

For the 13 of June 2008 another meeting is scheduled, this time around in a narrower circle of German company law experts assembled within the Arbeitskreis Europäisches Unternehmensrecht (Working Group European Company Law). The meeting to be held in Düsseldorf will feature various aspects associated with the new legal form. Dr Arkadiusz Radwan of Centrum has been invited to deliver a guest speech on the impact of EPC on regulatory landscape and charter competition in the EU. To download Dr Radwan's presentation click here.

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