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„Law quarterly for the entire commercial, insolvency and capital market law” (HUK Law Quarterly) is a new legal journal dedicated to commercial law (and corporate law in particular), corporate governance, insolvency law and capital market. The project commenced in mid-year 2007.

HUK Law Quarterly is meant to become the leading and the most prestigious commercial law journal in the country, designed for extensive, in-depth studies within the thematic scope covered by its title. In countries with fertile writing tradition in the commercial law field for a few decades there have been functioning influential journals and reviews dedicated to commercial law and capital market: e.g. “Zeitschrift für Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht” (ZGR) in Germany, “Revue des Sociétés” (Rev. Sociétés) in France, “Rivista della Società” (Riv. Società) in Italy. Moreover, a new European journal breeding on the tradition of the three periodicals mentioned above has recently been set up: “European Company and Financial Law Review” (ECFR), being a “subsidiary” of ZGR, Rev. Sociétés i Riv. Società. HUK Law Quarterly is purported to become their equivalent in Poland.

HUK Law Quarterly is issued four times a year (spring/summer/autumn/winter editions) in cooperation with C.H. Beck Publishing House and National Depository for Securities (KDPW). The format of the journal is B5, the issues are edge-glued, and consist of around 120-160 pages/each.

HUK Law Quarterly accepts for publication papers of highest academic quality only addressing legal and economic problems covered by its title, including in the first place:
(i) systemic elaborations of legal institutions,
(ii) innovative studies, inducing new directions of law development;
(iii) particularly controversial issues,
(iv) studies applying comparative and functional methods of legal analysis,
(v) studies dedicated to economic analysis of law,
(vi) studies presenting and elaborating on empirical research,
(vii) interdisciplinary studies,
(viii) studies concerning international and European legal issues.

In addition, HUK Law Quarterly’s “special volumes” will be published on irregular basis (with a reference to ZGR-Sonderheft publications and ECFR special volumes), the “special volumes” being monographs on issues of special interest for readers/subscription holders of the legal journal. The “special volumes” are will consist of few hundred pages (200-1000) and their cover will graphically refer to that one of HUK Law Quarterly. Those “special volumes” will be available both within and outside of the subscription to HUK Law Quarterly (at discount for subscription holders).

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