The Impact of Banks on Corporate Covernance

On November 14th 2006 National Bank of Poland hosted a conference on the role of Banks in Corporate Governance. The conference was organised by the Polish Institute of Directors and featured prominent speakers from legal and economic scholarship, banking, private corporate sector as well as regulators.

The main subject of the conference was the impact that banks have on corporate governance in the context of the monitoring of creditors and the access of companies to debt financing. A key address on this topic was given by Dr Agnieszka Słomka-Golębiowska from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Before that, the opening speech on ‘Poland at the background of the leaders’ was delivered by the President of National Bank of Poland, Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz. Another Member of Centrum, Dr Ludwik Sobolewski, President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange was among commentators in the panel discussion. Managing Director of Centrum, Dr Arkadiusz Radwan presented on ‘The impact of Basel II Accord on the obligations of boards with respect to due corporate finance’

The conference was moderated by Mr. Andrzej S. Nartowski, President of the Polish Institute of Directors.
The programme of the conference might be viewed here

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