Actio Pro Socio


„Actio Pro Socio” is the working group established by the Centrum and the Warsaw based think-tank Sobieski Institute in cooperation and with financial support of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The initiative is a response to the constantly changing market conditions, which should result in a reform of the Polish company law. It is also an attempt to make use of the human capital assembled around the Centrum C-Law.

The Working Group focuses its efforts on the project: “Modern organisational framework for business activity as a factor of competitiveness of the Polish economy”. The main task of the Working Group is to develop the ideas of the future reform with regard to the Polish company law and present it for the public discussion. The Working Group’s purpose is also the strengthening of the relations between the law and the economy by using appropriate methods of research under particular consideration of the economic analysis of law (effectiveness and impact assessment of the regulation), empirical researches, historical conditions (legal tradition, path dependence). Moreover, a draft regulation will be based on solid comparative analysis as opposed to the random imitation of the foreign legal solutions. Therefore an essential part of the project would be the screening of the foreign laws, in order to take account of reasons and consequences of the recent changes in company law in European countries. The Group will focus its attention in particular on such countries as Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Members of the Working Group are both scholars from various Polish and foreign academic centers as well as practitioners from public institutions, such as National Bank of Poland, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and private companies and law firms.

The aims of the reform of the Polish company law are :
• creation of legal framework that takes market conditions into consideration in order to stimulate the increase of enterprise development and prevent undesirable phenomenon;
• improvement of competitiveness of Polish economy.

Chairman:                     Arkadiusz Radwan

Secretary:                   Michał Bobrzyński

Technical assistant:      Kamil Nowak

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