FMCG Working Group

The mission of Centrum is to contribute to the improvement of legislation and legal practice in the areas of commercial and company law, as well as to promote standards of best practice in corporate governance with a particular emphasis on new Member States of the European Union. The FMCG Group somehow deviates from the main field of analysis within the Centrum, which is corporate law, by focusing on commercial legislation and legal practice, more specifically – the legal framework for marketing goods and services. The issues of product safety, consumer protection, advetising etc. are of great public concern, abundant however in grey areas not yet being subject to legal scrutiny.

The point of departure for investigations within the Group shall be the product, and the basic questions to be asked are:
• What are the legal requirements for the product to be marketed?
• How to market the product lawfully?
• How to abide by law in contacting consumers and competitors when marketing the product?

The area of interest shall be mainly but not exclusively the legal framework for marketing the Fast Moving Consumer Goods – as the most popular among the customers, securing the most vital needs within the Maslowian hierarchy, and causing much headache to the policy makers concerned with the product safety and the product quality.

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