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Dominika Nowak graduated with distinction from the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska (UMCS) in Lublin (2005).

She also completed with a very good results postgraduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics (Polish and European company law) and a two-year program of American Legal Studies offered by the Center for American Law (a joint project of the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Lublin and Chicago Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology).

In 2008 Dominika Nowak completed the legal practice training for candidate judges and passed the relevant exam (grade A+). Now she is a solicitor.

Currently Dominika Nowak is employed as assistant professor in the Chair of Business and Commercial Law at UMCS in Lublin (Faculty of Law and Administration). She works on her dissertation “Nullity of the contract of the partnership”. To this end she obtained a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education. Gathering materials for the dissertation, Dominika Nowak conducted research in Oxford University and Université Panthéon-Assas in Paris. She is also the author of several articles on company and commercial law.

Her most important achievements include: the scholarship of the Prime Minister (2000), scholarship of the Ministry of the Higher Education (twice- 2003, 2004), the first prize in the best student in Poland “Primus Inter Pares” competition in the lawyer category, organized under auspices of the President of Poland (2005).

Languages: English, French, and Russian.

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