Martina Setinc Tekavc


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PhD, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana

Martina Setinc Tekavc has been Assistant professor (at first assistant beginner) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana 1998, having classes in Business Law and participating with other law subjects at the faculty (e.g. Labour Law, International Business Law, Contract Law).

Her previous employment in years 1997-1998 was at The High Court in Ljubljana, where she successfully passed Slovenian bar exam in 1999.

Educated at School of Law, University of Ljubljana, 1992-1997, graduated 1997 (title: "Informed consent"). Postgraduate studies: civil and business law at Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, masters degree in September 2000, (title: "Mediation as an ADR method"), PhD in Jun 2004 (title: "Restraint of Trade Clause in Civil, Business and Employment Law").

Author of numerous scientific and professional articles as well as a participant in projects in areas of alternative dispute resolution, corporate governance and labour law.

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