Michał Kłaczyński


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Michał Kłaczyński graduated from Harvard Law School (LL.M., 2007) and from Jagiellonian Universty (master degree in law, 1999). His interests cover antitrust law, intellectual property, Law & Economics, corporate law, international trade & WTO, Chinese law and Islamic law.

Michał currently works as a foreign associate at a top ranked U.S. law firm (in Boston office) and plans to join the firm's highly regarded CEE practice afterwards. His prior experience includes assistance in cross-border transactions with copyright, patent and competition issues involved (top Polish software producer), representation in a squeeze-out and corporate litigation in Ukraine (multinational holding), assistance in establishing business presence in China (various industries), representation before the European Commission in antidumping proceedings (major importer of Chinese consumer goods), assistance debt-restructuring negotiations and antitrust dispute (energy supplier) and advising EU environmental & tax law (Polish oil refinery).

Michał won a precedent case against the Polish bar association before the Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Tribunal on the access to the legal profession (2002 - 2004). He published a number of works on EU and international law (including a book on cross-border legal practice in EU and Poland coauthored with Katarzyna Kłaczyńska, 2003).

Michał is a member of the American Bar Association. He is fluent in English and communicates in Russian and Mandarin Chinese (completed a language course at Sichuan United University, China, 1995 - 1996).

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