Centrum is open to individuals and institutions showing interest in the areas covered by the Association's activities and willing to contribute to the achievement of its goals by their scholarly work, practice or otherwise.

Depending on their position and capacity, Candidates can qualify for the following Membership Categories:

Academic Members

Academic Members are natural persons who hold at least doctoral degree in legal science or in economics. Academic Members are also natural persons who hold full-time position with institution of higher education or any other research institution.

Ordinary Members

Ordinary Members are individuals having unlimited legal capacity and being not deprived of public rights, who demonstrate interest in commercial and corporate law and governance or are otherwise capable of contributing to the achievement of the Associations goals.

Institutional Members

Institutional Members are legal persons and other entities concerned with commercial law, corporate law and governance, for example stock exchanges, banks, law firms, in-vestors, companies, ratings agencies, publishers, foundations, research institutes, univer-sities and other academic units and institutions


Other Membership Categories, which cannot be applied for are:

  • Founding Members
  • Honorary Members
For details on Membership Categories as well as Members' Rights and Obligations please refer to the Articles of Association, particularly to Chapter III