EU & China Law

The Chinese Law Working Group focuses on legal aspects of relations between China and the European Community. Our primary goal is to carry out research on Chinese and international business law. We also promote academic exchange of scholars and students between China and Central Europe, organizing conferences, seminars and assisting in research on comparative law.

Primarily we focus on issues that are specific for Chinese - Central European business relations like:

  • Chinese regulations on Foreign Direct Investments
  • Chinese lawmaking process
  • Legal environment for Chinese investments in Central Europe
  • Trade barriers between EU and China
  • WTO framework of the EU - China business relations

Our agenda for 2006 includes hosting an international conference on Chinese law and writing a book on cross-cultural and legal aspects of trade and investments in China. We will publish details on the mentioned projects shortly.

Contact person at C-Law is Michal Klaczynski (klaczynski at in Krakow.


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